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himself some new shoes.timberland 14 inch boots

There was, of course, an actual Doctor Martens, although he was neither a punk, a skater, nor a skinhead. He was in fact a skier--a German skier from the town of Seeshaupt, near Munich (and his actual last name was spelled "Maertens"). In 1945, Dr. Maertens hurt his foot while skiing in the Alps. His foot hurt badly and he was unable to walk, so he decided to make himself some new shoes.timberland 14 inch boots,

Dr. Maertens knew that standard leather-soled shoes weren't going to help him. They were flat and hard, and they exacerbated his foot pain. So he devised a new air-filled sole made from old rubber tires. By trapping pockets of air between two layers of rubber, Maertens was able to create a sole,white timberland boots, and therefore a shoe, that he could finally walk on while his foot healed. The first Doc Martens were born.

By the late 1950s, Dr. Maertens had teamed up with another German doctor--Dr. Herbert Funck--to sell their shoes commercially. The company was originally called Dr. Maertens. Apparently Dr. Funck didn't get a say; which is too bad since "Doc Funcks" would make a great name for a shoe brand.

Thorlo socks are designed with the idea of practicing "Preventive Foot Health."
  timberland outlet online uk, The people behind these socks have put a lot of time and money into researching foot comfort, and have created socks that they believe will be the solution to all your podiatric problems. The fact that their socks have been so popular is a testament to their success--so how did they do it?
  Inside Thorlo Socks


The people behind Thorlo socks believe that you can prevent foot pain if you make the right choices.timberland 6 inch boots sale, One of these choices is, of course, to use their socks. They have plenty of customers that would agree. People often say that Thorlo socks have helped them reduce chronic foot pain, and have even allowed them to perform better in athletic situations.

Thorlo socks are designed to help your feet, and as a result they tend to be a little thicker. Because of this,timberland 6 inch premium boot black, they often feel like they're too thick to fit in your normal shoes. Thorlo will tell you that this may in fact be the case, but what you need to do if you want to rid your feet of pain is to upgrade to a new "foot system.

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